Hi people!

I’m Jennie Cooper, a regular girl from Chicago who finally got around starting her blog 🙂 Running one is kind of common courtesy today. So here I am, a 27-year-old dreamer who is still out looking for her own path and unwilling to get swamped by what others call ‘normal life.’ Forgive me, mom, for not becoming a senior sales manager like my elder sister and failing to deliver a pack of lovely grandkids! But I do bring you paintings by my own hand, each birthday and sometimes also Christmas. Yes, I’m an artist. At least I like to think so 🙂 I can paint 24/7 and piles of canvases scattered over my place keep mounting like Himalayas 🙂 I try selling some of them and they do sell. But obviously my manufacturing capacity exceeds the demand, haha. Perhaps this blog will help me find some useful connections and those interested in my work 🙂


Gentle petals, vivid strokes

Our salvation from stress

As much as I love flowers, you can easily guess which genre of painting I like most. That’s right, still life. Or, to be precise, flower paintings. They are terribly underestimated in our progressive age of mind-boggling abstractions and spooky underground experiments. People think the trickier the better. As for me, I’m still into good old harmony of colors and forms 🙂 And which other genre is more about harmony, symmetry and natural beauty than still life? It gives you full control over almost everything in the painting – the selection of objects, their arrangement and lighting… Setting up a composition for a still life is also a kind of art, you know! Besides, paintings of flowers, just like flowers themselves, have a tremendous power on our psyche. They restore our emotional balance making us calmer, happier and more amiable. In the time when everyone is crushing under the weight of negative emotions craving love and attention, it’s important to surround yourself with things that relax and inspire you. And today I’m going to tell you about a person who can help you in that daring mission 🙂

Leonid Afremov and his blooming friends

If you never heard of this wonderful artist, you’d better visit his website right now! 🙂 You’ll see dozens of colorful and amazing paintings that will change your mood for the better in a wink of an eye 🙂 There all kinds of images to indulge in:

  • Vibrant city streets reminding us that there is beauty and joy even in a bad weather.
  • Romantic views of autumn parks and lantern-lit alleys with couples strolling hand in hand.
  • Spectacular coasts and piers at sunset with dreamy silhouettes of boats floating in the distance.
  • Unbelievable portraits of musicians, ballerinas and flamenco dancers in sparkling colors.
  • Lovely canvases depicting various animals – cats, dogs, tigers and horses.
  • And my favorite category – sensual, elegant flower paintings with delicately selected hues and a charming aura.

I’d like to dwell on this one a bit longer if you please 🙂 At first sight, it might seem that all paintings are alike, but look close and you’ll find that each has its peculiar palette, composition and mood. I even tried making a few replicas – which wasn’t very convenient since I had to paint from the screen and I’m not sure I was able to capture all nuances of the texture. However, this one called ‘Craving Love’ here wasn’t bad 🙂 I wonder what my mom says when I give it to her as another birthday present.


Jennie’s magic garden

You know how people around are constantly stressed out, depressed and displeased with everything. I think it’s because there is so little nature in our life. We are used to living in the world of concrete, metal and glass and even if we pass by an incredibly beautiful tree, we barely notice how exquisite and graceful it is. That’s very sad because, whether we believe in stuff like that or not, we are closely connected with all the living and growing things, we draw power from earth and staying apart it for too long eventually drains us. As for me, I try to spend as much time out in the open as possible. And even when I’m forced to stay at home today (for instance, if it’s raining or if I’m ill), I’m not short of green 🙂 I set up my own mini-garden on the balcony where I drink my morning coffee, meditate, paint and dream 🙂 This is my private shelter where nothing bad can get to me. I invested quite a lot of effort (and, well, funds) to make it look as amazing as it does now. The last thing I did was the purchase of these awesome butterfly-shaped LED lights http://www.ebay.com/itm/Butterfly-Solar-Power-LED-Light-Outdoor-Garden-Lawn-Pathway-Landscape-Lamp-/192061156161?var=&hash=item2cb7bcab41:m:md1WjCMTxnNcx0-sNoL9iWA. They function on solar power and glow marvelously in the dark. Just imagine this night show of neon colors! 🙂 Way to go, Jennie!